“I Am Going To Sh*T On Sauti Sol” Andrew Kibe Declares After Suffering ‘Rejection’

Andrew Kibe’s hopes of securing a one-on-one interview with the renowned musical group Sauti Sol were recently dashed when he was denied the opportunity during their performance in Washington, DC, in the United States.

Kibe, who had traveled all the way from Texas to attend the highly anticipated concert, reached out to the event promoter in the hopes of arranging a meeting with the group. However, his request was met with disinterest from Sauti Sol.

Recalling the disappointing encounter, Andrew Kibe expressed his intention to continue criticizing Sauti Sol. He also mentioned that, in retrospect, he was actually grateful that the interview did not materialize, as it would have meant forging a friendship with them.

“Given my current state of mind, if I’m not doing well, nobody will. I will now proceed to express my dissatisfaction with Sauti Sol. I consider it fortunate that they declined to grant me the interview because it allows me to freely express my criticism towards them. Otherwise, I would have ended up befriending them, with Chimano having my personal number and sending me emojis. It seems that divine intervention prevented that interview from happening and potentially causing complications.”

“It’s finally sinking in that I will never have an interview with Sauti Sol. Therefore, I might as well enjoy their music from a distance while dedicating my time to critiquing their work. Ah, to hell with Sauti Sol. They are not worth it,” expressed the controversial content creator.

“They rejected my request for an interview. I asked for it, but they refused. You reject me, and I reject you. That’s how things work,” he added.

Kibe also clarified that Chimano was not the reason behind his denied interview. He stated that he had no personal grievances against Chimano, nor did Chimano hold any animosity towards him.

“I believe there are two managers who are blocking my access. The issue does not revolve around Chimano. Although I may have posted a video or two mentioning him, I harbor no ill will. I perceive him as an entirely sincere musician. I have no qualms with his lifestyle, and since he doesn’t have an issue with me, there’s no reason for me to have one with him. However, something has gotten into their heads, preventing them from resolving this matter,” he explained.