Bahati Called Out For Over Posting Victoria Wendo’s Clips -

Bahati Called Out For Over Posting Victoria Wendo’s Clips

Bahati, once again finds himself in trouble with his Instagram followers, shortly after an unpleasant encounter with a female fan in Kitale. This time, it all started with an appreciation post dedicated to TikTokers and other social media users who participated in the ‘Diana’ challenge. Bahati shared a TikTok video featuring Victoria Wendo, a popular TikToker, and tagged her in the post.

Some of Bahati’s fans perceived this as favoritism and playfully teased him about his level of affection towards Victoria. They made comments such as, “There’s something going on here, we’re not fools,” “You’ve been posting her a lot, but she killed it! But you seem to like posting about this girl,” and “You should have given her the jacket instead of the other person.”

Despite the fan reactions, Bahati proceeded to collaborate with Victoria Wendo on a video officially announcing the start of the ‘Diana’ Dance challenge, just days after releasing the song on streaming platforms. The song, “Diana” by Bahati featuring Bruce Melodie, has gained significant popularity, amassing approximately 2.2 million Kenyan shillings in just two weeks after its re-upload on YouTube. The original release had faced a setback when it was maliciously taken down shortly after its initial release.

In an announcement to his loyal fans, Bahati expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support in his music career. He thanked them and acknowledged their importance. He also informed them that the song “Diana” featuring Bruce Melodie is officially back on his YouTube channel, #BahatiKenya. Furthermore, Bahati addressed the recent misunderstanding with Ziiki Media, a music distribution platform, and assured fans that it has been resolved amicably. He expressed his desire to continue working with them to foster the growth of the African Music Industry.