‘Najua ni mzee, achaneni na maisha yetu!’ Kahumunjia and Grace Mwai tell off trolls over their age difference.

Hiram Maina who is popularly known as Kamuhunjia and his fiancé, Grace Mwai have told off troll who have been on their age difference case.

The two love birds speaking on Hiram’s YouTube page stated that their life is their own and the public should not attack them over the age difference using pseudo accounts.

“It is very very sad to see such comments and maybe it is someone who is not in a marriage set up or someone with at home who likes talking without even knowing,”Kamuhunjia said

“Online people have been saying ‘Kamuhunja you are very young, ooh Grace is older than you,” he added.

On her part Grace said that since they are celebrities, their trolls feel like they are entitled to scrutinize their lifestyles.

“Whatever has happened to us even if there is an age difference of one or two years, the age difference doesn’t matter.”


“Is it an abnormal thing when there is an age difference between you and your partner? By itself, it is not an abnormal thing.”