“I Was The First to Taste hiyo Rosecoco” Kanyari Reacts After Betty Bayo Claims' They Were Never Married -

“I Was The First to Taste hiyo Rosecoco” Kanyari Reacts After Betty Bayo Claims’ They Were Never Married

Controversial Kenyan preacher Victor Kanyari has issued a response to Betty Bayo’s assertions that they were never officially married.

In an interview with a local news outlet, Kanyari asserted that he followed all the necessary procedures to establish a marital union with the gospel singer.

He emphasized that he would not have had children with her if they were not legally married. Kanyari claimed to have visited Betty Bayo’s parents, paid dowry, and fulfilled all the requirements to solidify their marital bond. In his view, having children signifies the existence of an official marriage.

Kanyari, who has garnered controversy in the past, also disclosed the significant financial responsibility he shoulders in caring for their two children. He revealed that the expenses for their education alone amount to nearly Ksh700,000 per term, underscoring his commitment to their well-being beyond mere sustenance and accommodation.

Regarding Betty Bayo’s current relationship, Kanyari expressed the opinion that if she has moved on, she should bear children with her new partner. However, he maintained that he would always have a presence in her life due to being her first partner, asserting that she can never deny his role in her history.

Betty Bayo recently stirred up a conversation among netizens by stating that her current marriage to Hiram Gathu is her first. During an episode of the gospel reality show Oh Sister, the mother of two clarified that she is not divorced since she has never been married before.

She admitted that her previous mistake was rushing into a marriage without fully understanding her partner and neglecting to conduct thorough background research. Betty Bayo expressed her intention to soon walk down the aisle again. She and Hiram had a traditional wedding in 2021.

“I am happily married to a wonderful man, and the only thing people seem to associate with me is my past relationship. In everyone’s home, unused items are discarded. Only mentally unstable individuals go back to the trash,” she confidently declared, dismissing any lingering attachment to her previous marriage.