“Zaa Nitalea Amefaint Kwa Supermarket” Jackie Matubia Makes followers Think Her Baby Daddies Are Deadbeats

Actress Jackie Matubia created a stir by offering an unconventional Father’s Day greeting aimed at fathers who have neglected their responsibilities.

Matubia, renowned for her acting career, has faced the challenges of single parenting since her separation from pilot Kennedy Njogu in 2019. She has taken on the role of raising their child independently ever since.

In February 2021, Matubia found love with acclaimed actor Blessing Lung’aho, and they joyfully welcomed their daughter, Zendaya Nyambura, a year ago.

However, recent indications suggest that Matubia and Lung’aho may have ended their relationship.

In honor of Father’s Day, Matubia shared a thought-provoking photo depicting a man lying next to a packet of diapers in a supermarket, seemingly highlighting the high cost of diapers. This post has left people perplexed, as they wonder why she would share such content, particularly after dismissing rumors of her separation from Blessing.

Alongside this puzzling post, the actress also shared a picture of herself posing with her two daughters and celebrated her own role on Father’s Day.