Mama Ngina dares KRA to touch her property over taxes -

Mama Ngina dares KRA to touch her property over taxes

The former first lady, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, has expressed her anger over the recent allegations of tax evasion that have been directed towards the Kenyatta family during the presidency of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Responding to these accusations, Mama Ngina challenged the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to seize her assets if they can prove that she has been evading taxes. In her statement, she stated that if someone has failed to pay their taxes, their assets should be seized as a consequence. She added that there is no need for such political actions and that people should not try to tarnish others’ names for their own benefit.

Mama Ngina made these comments while speaking in Tewe, Mpeketoni, in Lamu West on Saturday. She emphasized that everyone should pay their taxes as required, and if someone has failed to pay, their assets should be seized. She also expressed her disappointment that people are being accused of tax evasion through media and political discussions, rather than being dealt with by the government.

She emphasized that paying income tax is a necessary obligation for both the rich and the poor, based on their income and financial capacity. She added that this issue should not be discussed in the media or through public forums.