KRG Announces Plans Of Buying A Plane Before July Ends -

KRG Announces Plans Of Buying A Plane Before July Ends

Dancehall artist KRG The Don recently made a surprising announcement, stating his intention to purchase a private plane. He shared a video on his Instagram account, revealing his plans to acquire the aircraft on July 27. In the video, he can be seen inside a hangar, where he was exploring potential parking options for his new purchase.

KRG expressed his enthusiasm about the upcoming purchase, emphasizing that he has been preoccupied with the preparations, which is why he has been less active on social media. He conveyed his determination, stating, “I am serious about this. I’m telling you, I’m not joking around. Right now, I want to buy a plane, one of those helicopters. I came here to find a place to park because I can’t park it at my house. You will also see Naim getting in, dancing with his football, and creating chaos. But I am busy, and that’s why I haven’t been talking much. Mark the date, July 27, and be ready because things will heat up online.”

While some of his followers expressed doubt about his plans, others saw an opportunity to improve their own lives. Here are some of their reactions:

MCbain: Do you have a cleaning company? I know you guys are there to clean those planes.

Leonronad: How about I clean the plane for you, bughaaa?

Brandon: Sir, bughaa, how about me being the DJ to play the music there?

TMTobiko: My former schoolmate from Kilgoris DEB 😅😅👏🔥….I still don’t have a bicycle, and here you are, aiming for a plane.

Despite the skepticism from some of his followers, KRG presents himself as one of the country’s billionaires. In March of this year, the 31-year-old artist disclosed how he amassed his wealth. Reflecting on his journey, he shared, “I started from humble beginnings, like working at SGR. I had a job there. We worked from 2014 to 2016. I was awarded a contract to transport sand and pebbles from Makindu to this location, and I built everything from there.” KRG also mentioned that he inherited his grandmother’s wealth, explaining, “My grandmother passed away 30 days before I was born, and she had blessed my mother, saying that the child who would be born would inherit this property, which is now in my hands.”