Kinuthia Kelvin Wewe Ni Dem Au Boy? Kenyans Ask After Seeing His Boobs

Kevin Kinuthia, a well-known male cross-dresser, recently posted a photo wearing a sensual nurse’s attire that caused a stir on social media. His exposed body revealed man boobs that resemble a woman’s mammary glands, leading to speculation about his gender identity.

Kinuthia has a reputation for wearing female outfits with ease and confidence, but this latest post left netizens questioning his gender. Many Kenyans believe that he is not a typical man due to his behavior and attire choices.

Despite avoiding discussing his sexual identity, Kinuthia has faced ongoing rumors about his sexuality. Some believe that he is queer but refuses to come out, while others are simply curious about his preferences.

Several months ago, Kinuthia revealed that he was looking for love but did not specify which gender. This announcement only fueled further speculation from netizens, who continue to follow his every move online.