Milly Wairimu Insists Mejja Looks Like A Luhya Watchman To Her Now

Milly Wairimu, former partner of Mejja, has recently shared a candid observation about her feelings towards him. In a post featuring an old photo with Mejja, Milly remarked that as emotions for him waned, she now perceives him resembling a Luyha watchman….CONTINUE READING

This bold declaration has sparked discussions among fans and followers of the erstwhile couple. Milly’s statement serves as a poignant reflection on the dynamics of relationships and the evolving nature of personal perspectives. Despite their shared history, Milly’s current view of Mejja has undergone a substantial transformation.

It is apparent that Milly’s sentiments towards Mejja have experienced a shift since their separation. Just a short while ago, on May 23, 2022, Milly took to social media to express her animosity towards Mejja on his 36th birthday, wishing him nothing but an undesirable life. Her post alluded to alleged mistreatment during their time together.

Milly disclosed the challenges she faced while married to Mejja, citing emotional abuse and infidelity. She recounted instances of verbal insults and demeaning conduct, emphasizing the emotional toll it exacted on her. Milly’s forthright revelations offer valuable insights into the complexities and difficulties of their relationship, as well as the enduring impact of their breakup.