Manzi wa Kibera says Her 67 Year Old Lover Cheated on Her, Vows to Keep Title Deed

In a recent interview, Manzi wa Kibera, a renowned Kenyan socialite, video vixen, and Instagram model, divulged further details following her recent breakup with her 67-year-old partner.

During the interview, the socialite confessed that she currently holds her ex-lover’s title deed, emphasizing that she will only return it if her demands are met.

The 22-year-old revealed that she discovered her partner’s infidelity with multiple women after going through his phone. According to her, this betrayal deeply hurt her.

Furthermore, Manzi wa Kibera expressed her disappointment that her former lover failed to fulfill his promises. He had assured her that he would sponsor her driving lessons and purchase a car worth Ksh 1.5 million, but these commitments were never fulfilled.

Prior to their breakup, the young socialite was engaged to the elderly gentleman. She asserted that she would consider reconciling with him under the condition that he agrees to marry her in an extravagant Ksh 7.5 million wedding.

Interestingly, the older gentleman recently expressed his desire to spend the rest of his life with Manzi wa Kibera. He had entrusted her with his title deed, believing that they would build a home together and start a family.

Expressing the profound impact of their separation, he admitted that he still harbors feelings of love for the 22-year-old and would gladly reconcile with her if given the chance.