Manzi Wa Kibera Hints on Getting Saved.

Internet never forgets, I can’t change my past but I can my present, these are the exact words that Manzi was Kibera has used while hinting at possibly getting saved.

Well, it is a true statement that can only be effected by actions and I think from the look of things she could be headed to salvation.

Manzi was Kibera’s life is alleged to be centred on influence, maybe from friends or just associates.

A few months ago the socialite claimed that she had to go for an enhancement to change her looks because a friend did tell her that she wasn’t looking good, influence right?

However, today things have a bit changed going by her posts on Instagram. Manze was Kibera had shared a screenshot of a message that was sent to her by blogger Edgar Obare.

The message asked her about an alleged tape that was implicating her somewhere, surprisingly to many, she said she is aware of the tape and is willing to spill the beans.

This was the question;

“Hi my name is Edgar a blogger. I have seen your explicit tapes leaked. What happened exactly?

Her response ;

“I am aware Edgar , you gave some tea about me and everyone anataka kujua how ilifika hapo….Well it all started with this boy am carrying❤️❤️❤️ he is my son, I love him so much and guess daddy yake ni nani? Have reached to a point where the truth about everything just has to come out and its coming…..

In another post, going by her confession she posted her son, an alleged baby daddy and herself.

” Mother, Father and Son❤️❤️❤️ @chali_wa_kibera this is your family be responsible we might have issues but that’s your blood.

Don’t be a deadbeat dad…From today I’ll be living a decent life and posting decent stuff because I am a parent,”

She concluded by saying that she is looking at getting saved as she plans to change her behaviour and ways of doing things;

“Internet never forgets I came to learn. I can not change my past but I can change my present… I just want to live a decent life. Travel, focus on the positive energy and be close to the most high,”