Amount David Moya is charging for Valentines

Kenyan master of surprises Moyah David has revealed that he is overbooked ahead of valentines Day.

The flawless dancer disclosed that he has already been booked by 100 people to make surprises.

While making the disclosure on his Instagram page, Moyah wondored how he will manage to attend 100 events in a single Day.

Am still trying to figure out how I will be at over 100 places during Valentine’s Day. Can we go with the highest bidder? How do you see it, my people? Or we go with first come first serve?” He wrote.

While reacting to the post, a number of Kenyans gave him different opinions.

Money first bruh

Chase the bag…make your pocket heavier

 I can drive you around

” Waite wote pamoja and make one thrilling surprise

TikTok sensation Moya David, who gained popularity for his street stunts, has announced the launch of his international “Surprise Tour”. The 25-year-old dancer, who has a large following of admirers, has received numerous bookings from fans around the world, including South Africa and Nigeria. Moya’s unique approach to TikTok, which involves performing his stunts in markets and bus stations, has earned him a loyal following.

Moya revealed that he decided to commercialize his TikTok videos after realizing the popularity of his work. He charges a fee for brand promotions and campaigns on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, with prices ranging from Kshs 8,000 to Kshs 26,000. Moya also mentioned that he has found Nigerian nationals to be the most romantic of all the people he has worked with, as he was once paid Kshs 250,000 for a virtual surprise performance.

In addition to his TikTok career, Moya has also launched a beauty parlor, “Moya City Spa”, with the aim of connecting and interacting with his female fans. Moya invested all his earnings from his content creation into this business and has created job opportunities for his fans who applied. Moya hopes that his beauty parlor will inspire other young content creators.

In conclusion, Moya David’s unique approach to TikTok and his international tour have earned him a large following and success. With the launch of his beauty parlor, Moya hopes to connect and interact with his fans while also inspiring other young content creators.