The Late Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo Got The Name Chiloba From Ezra Chiloba

The late fashion designer Edwin Kiprotich Kiptoo alias Edwin Chiloba got the name Chiloba from Communication authority of Kenya CEO Ezra Chiloba.

Close sources say that the model adopted the name due to his close resemblance to Ezra Chiloba who was the IEBC CEO back then.

A famous lady friend to the late Eldoret based model gave him the name due to his good looks at the time when the name Chilobae was quite popular.

Ezra Chiloba was nicknamed Chilobae by his female admirers A section of Kenyans took to social media to comment on Chiloba’s looks – and just like that, Chiloba became Chilobae.

Some ladies even went as far as photoshopping ‘Chilobae’ into wedding pictures.

Fashion designer and model Edwin Kiprotich (Chiloba) was found dead and his body was discovered in a metallic box.