“Hata mkatae Mimi ndio Ndio Diamond Wa Kenya,” Stivo Simple Boy says -

“Hata mkatae Mimi ndio Ndio Diamond Wa Kenya,” Stivo Simple Boy says

Kenyan rapper Stephen Otieno Adera, known by his stage name Stivo Simple Boy, has shown remarkable resilience in the face of social media trolls. He has become adept at asserting his presence in the entertainment industry, which sets him apart from his earlier experiences.

Recently, Stivo Simple Boy caused a stir when he compared himself to prominent figures in the music industry. He boldly claimed to be the “Diamond Platnumz of Kenya,” asserting that he is the finest and most influential artist in the country, despite not reaping significant rewards for his efforts.

“I believe I am the best artist in Kenya. No one can compare to me. I am the Diamond of Kenya,” he confidently declared.

Furthermore, Stivo differentiated himself from the Tanzanian bongo star, stating that their distinct styles of singing and fortunes are the only factors that set them apart.

“Simba (Diamond Platnumz) loves singing love songs, but I am focused on using my music to educate society. Besides, he has a lot of money. But when it comes to music, I am leading in Kenya.”

Stivo Simple Boy’s audacious claims triggered diverse reactions among Kenyans. While some praised him for his self-assuredness, others accused him of showing disrespect towards veteran Kenyan artists.

@Tim-Oh: “Confidence is important, but you’ve gone too far with the Diamond comparison 😅.”

@Nicah King: “Diamond? Spare my ribs 🤣🤣. Show some respect to the OGs.”

@Eduh: “You’ve just started making some money, and now you’re comparing yourself to other artists. Take it slow.”

@Carol Msoh: “Watch out, don’t let Khaligraph Jones hear about this.”

@Sharon Amollo: “Who is Stivo, anyway?”

Despite facing fierce criticism from netizens, Stivo Simple Boy remains steadfast in his convictions. In response to his critics, he continues to assert that he is indeed the best Kenyan artist and that he can only be compared to Diamond Platnumz.

“Some people say I lack talent. But why aren’t they artists themselves? I am the voice of Kenya.”