Pata watoto na watu wako na akili, Ju mimi kiliniramba – Jackie Matubia Reveals

Jackie Matubia’s radiant spirit remains undiminished, even after the end of her relationship with her second child’s father. The actress has been resolutely focused on catching flights, not feelings – a phrase often used by women as a sign of moving forward from challenging times.

In her latest YouTube video, Jackie eloquently shares her newfound perspective on life. “It’s been an incredible journey. I take pride in being a single mother of two. I’ve come to realize that what truly brings joy to Jackie is positive vibes and staying hopeful. Let’s catch flights, not feelings,” she affirmed.

Two months ago, Jackie embarked on a memorable trip to Dubai with her two daughters. The occasion was her firstborn, Zari’s 8th birthday. She decided to invest in herself and seized the opportunity to fulfill her daughter’s dream of visiting Dubai. Zari had expressed her desire, saying, “It’s my birthday, and I’ve always told you I wanted to go to Dubai, and I’m your daughter. So, let’s catch flights.”

This Dubai adventure was generously funded by her first child’s father. It’s worth noting that Jackie has two daughters from two different fathers. She shared, “It was a family vacation, and the dad chipped in as well. I keep telling you all, even if you decide to have children, choose your partners wisely.” She humorously added, “Because some of us, including me, who are giving you advice, have also had our share of challenges.” She recognized that her candid remarks might stir some controversy but maintained, “It’s the truth; I’m as honest as they come.”

Jackie is already planning another family trip, demonstrating her commitment to cherishing her family moments. She is well aware that her life has become a trending topic, but she remains unapologetically true to herself.

Jackie’s journey has been marked by her determination to prioritize self-love and to put herself first. She emotionally described her small, God-centered family as the source of strength that held her together during the toughest times. As a single mother, she has learned invaluable lessons and has found solace in her unwavering faith, knowing that she is not alone in this journey.