The Rise and Fall of Jackie Maribe: She started her career as a Gardener

Media figure Jacque Maribe, once celebrated as a beloved news anchor with a coveted prime-time slot and a substantial income, now finds herself in a dire situation. Alongside her ex-boyfriend, Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, she is currently embroiled in a court battle facing grave murder accusations, potentially leading to a life sentence.

The unfortunate turn of events stems from the murder of Monica Kimani, who was found dead in Maribe’s Kilimani apartment with her throat slit. Witnesses in the ongoing trial link Maribe and Jowie directly to the brutal killing.

Maribe’s journey to media prominence began as a reserved young girl attending State House Girls High School, eventually pursuing journalism at the University of Nairobi. Her rise served as an inspiration for many young women aspiring to succeed in the media industry, earning her respect as a journalist and media personality.

Career-wise, Maribe reached the pinnacle of her profession before facing a sudden downfall. Starting as an actress in 2005’s “The Constant Gardener,” she transitioned to become a Senior Political Reporter at K24 TV in 2009, later moving to KISS TV and then joining Citizen TV in 2012. There, she became part of the 9 pm news team and hosted prime-time news.

Over the last four years, Maribe faced a public spotlight filled with negative attention, primarily due to her association with the Monica Kimani murder case, leading to her termination from her job. Recently, her employer placed her on compulsory paid leave as she deals with her legal challenges.

Despite these setbacks, Maribe attempted a comeback in 2020 with her show, “The Hot Seat,” aiming to provide raw conversations and political insights. The show, however, ended abruptly after its launch. Additionally, Maribe tried hosting events in clubs to maintain her public presence, but success in these endeavors has been elusive.

In a surprising turn, she ventured into politics in 2021, announcing her intention to vie for the Murang’a Woman Representative seat, though this aspiration did not materialize.

Maribe’s downfall is attributed to her romantic involvement with Jowie Irungu, sparking questions about why a respected TV journalist would allow herself to be entangled in such a situation. The lesson drawn from her story emphasizes the importance of choosing trustworthy associates and being vigilant about potential threats to one’s career.

The tragic turn of events for Jacque Maribe serves as a cautionary tale about the vulnerability of success and the need for individuals, especially those in the public eye, to exercise caution in their personal and professional lives.