"Broke men are afraid of siring kids”- Justina Syokau Trashes Hustlers. -
I can never marry a broke man, I hate lazy men”- Justina Syokau Now Says After Fans Made Fun Of Her Illness.
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“Broke men are afraid of siring kids”- Justina Syokau Trashes Hustlers.

Controversial ‘Twendi Twendi’ hit-maker, Justina Syokau has badly trashed broke men saying that they are afraid of responsibilities.

The mother of one in an interview with Tuko, said that she wants 6 more children with the man she will get married to.

“People think I am looking for a sponsor when I say I want a rich man, what they don’t know is I am looking for a man who has the ability to take on responsibilities. I can marry anyone as long as he is a provider, regardless of his age,” she said.

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“Men love kids, only broke men are afraid of siring children. People are marrying four women these days and are still providing for all of their children. I do not want a selfish man,” she said.

Notably, in a past interview with Mpasho, Syokau opened up about her troubled marriage which ended in tears of divorce.

‘In Kamba community, a single mother is seen as a failure and an embarrassment to the family. I remember there is a day I was told to pack my clothes and leave my matrimonial house and my mother was present and she did nothing.”