“Allow mobile phones in secondary schools,” Principals chairman Indimuli Kahi asks

The Chairperson of the Secondary School Principals Association (KESSHA), Indimuli Kahi, has proposed that secondary school students should have access to mobile phones. Kahi believes that the education system should embrace the changing trends in the digital economy, and mobile phones should be incorporated into schools. Kahi made his proposal on Saturday 11 February, during an event organized by Kewota to empower female teachers to access digital products and insurance coverage.

Kahi, who is also a Machakos school Principal, noted that gadgets should have restrictions to prevent misuse. He argued that the use of mobile phones in schools should be reconsidered, as students were forced to take online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Kahi said that before the pandemic, students would sit down, log in to their smartphones and attend online classes.

During the event, Kewota announced plans to empower its members to own laptops at affordable prices. It also launched a medical plan and unveiled soft loan initiatives for all registered members. Kahi has urged the government to consider introducing mobile phones in secondary schools. He said that this would help prevent future shocks to the learning process. Kahi argued that even if schools were closed, learning would continue.