Latest Provisional Presidential Results On Form 34B As At 3:30PM Monday

President-elect Raila Odinga of the Zimio La Umoja party, Chief Hustler William Ruto, and George Wajackoyah of the Roots Party are currently in the running as a result of Agano Party leader David Waihiga’s choice to concede defeat and support Chief Hustler William Ruto throughout the protracted campaigning process. We can see from the 5:06 a.m. update that the electoral commission has correctly counted and verified 11,896,290 votes from a total of 241 out of 291 seats.

William Ruto, the front-runner for the UD, with 6.0 million votes, or 51.12% of the total votes polled. With 5.7 million votes, or 48.2% of all ballots cast, DM leader Raila is not far behind. With 53k votes, Geoffrey Wajackoya, the head of the Roots Party, comes in third; David Waihiga, the head of the Agano, comes in last.

Kenyans are holding their breath as the constitutional deadline for the process draws near, hoping that the IEBC will finally be concluded and they would learn the wonderful news.