Business woman Sofire , Denies any Affair With tiktoker Moya David -

Business woman Sofire , Denies any Affair With tiktoker Moya David

Kenyan businesswoman Sofire has firmly denied any romantic involvement with Kenyan dancer and content creator Moya David. According to Sofire, their relationship is solely based on business, and they are also good friends.

Sofire’s spokesperson, Cassypool, stated that Sofire’s contract with Moya David had recently concluded. Coincidentally, during that time, Moya was also selling his spa as he intended to focus on other endeavors.

Sofire dismissed all the rumors circulating on social media, emphasizing that there has never been any indication from either Moya David or herself about a romantic relationship between them. She further explained that, being in the entertainment industry, it is natural for her to collaborate with other Kenyans in the same field, including Moya David.

“Do not pay attention to rumors. Has Moya David ever declared that we are in a relationship? Neither have I. I usually do not respond to rumors.”

The rumors initially arose when Moya David revealed that he was selling his luxurious spa, known as ‘Moya City Spa.’

Blogger Edgar Obare spread the rumors, claiming that Moya’s alleged benefactor, referred to as “Mumama,” took back all the gifts she had given him after discovering his infidelity.

According to the rumors, the “Mumama” decided to reclaim the lavish Prado TX she had gifted the emerging star, and she also evicted him from the extravagant house in Kilimani, which was valued at a staggering Kshs. 90,000.

Moya has become a subject of widespread discussion on social media, with Kenyans criticizing him for misleading them about his wealth, supposedly acquired solely from dancing. Some individuals have advised him to find another affluent woman to support his lifestyle since his initial benefactor withdrew her support.

Earlier today, Moya David made it clear that he will not address any rumors.