“Nitatumia kiberiti mtoto anifanane,” Cheating Wife reveals the “kiberiti” secret She will use

A recent Whatsapp conversation between a man and his ‘mpango wa kando’ has sparked mixed reactions among Kenyans online. The conversation reveals the woman’s desire for a ‘better seed’ from the man, with the intention of using matchbox powder to disguise her plan.

The conversation began with the woman informing the man that her husband had gone on a 1-week business trip to Mombasa, and expressing her fear that he would cheat on her during the trip. Seeking revenge, she then requested the man to give her a ‘better seed’ so that she could have a tall, dark and intelligent child like him.

The conversation has elicited mixed reactions from netizens, with some condemning the woman’s actions as immoral and unethical. Others have criticized the man for engaging in an extramarital affair, while some have expressed sympathy for the husband, who is unaware of his wife’s intentions.

Overall, the conversation has reignited the debate on infidelity and its consequences, and highlights the need for individuals to uphold moral values and ethical principles in their relationships.

The man in the story was hesitant about an idea proposed by the lady, but she had a plan. She intended to use matchbox powder to make a child look like her. “Nimejua siri… Nitatumia ile powder ya kiberiti.. mtoi atafanana na mimi kabisa,” she said. The man was concerned about betraying a friend if he went along with the plan.

This is not the first time such a conversation has taken place in Kenya. In 2021, a similar conversation circulated on WhatsApp involving a woman whose husband was away for KCSE marking. The woman planned to have an affair with another man and revealed that she would use matchbox powder to make the child appear like her.

“….huyu mjinga ataenda KCSE marking. I will be yours for two weeks 🤗🤗🤗 🙈. Soon, lazima nibebe mimba yako. I will be on my fertile days, dont disappoint. ….. Don’t worry.Nitaweka Kiberiti.Atatoka akinifanana,” she said.

The use of Kiberiti powder to disguise cheating is not a new concept in Kenya, and these conversations highlight the issue of infidelity in the country. However, it is important to note that such actions are morally wrong and have legal consequences. It is essential to uphold honesty and integrity in all relationships to avoid such situations.