“Niko na ball,” Mulamwah’s bestie Ruth K reveals she is pregnant

Ruth K, the close friend turned wife of Kenyan comedian Mulamwah, has officially confirmed her pregnancy.

Announcing the joyful news on her Facebook Page, Ruth K shared a delightful photo proudly displaying her growing baby bump. Expressing her excitement as an expectant mother, she conveyed her anticipation of meeting the little one.

“First came love, a love that gave life to a new blessing, filling us with joy and delight. The experience of creating life is incomparable 🤗❤️. You are already cherished. Can’t wait to welcome you 🍼😘,” she penned.

Speculation about Mulamwah and Ruth K expecting a baby arose a month prior when the couple shared cryptic messages on their respective Instagram stories, leaving netizens to speculate about Ruth K’s pregnancy.

Mulamwah, in an Instagram story, revealed that Ruth K had been experiencing morning sickness, a common pregnancy symptom. “Bestie has been vomiting in the mornings. What could be the issue?” Mulamwah wrote.

In a well-thought-out way of revealing the news, Ruth K echoed a similar message on her Instagram story, stating, “I’ve been vomiting in the mornings, feeling tired. What could be the issue?”

A few days later, the couple celebrated a vibrant traditional marriage ceremony, confirming their commitment to each other and the upcoming addition to their family.