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87-year-old man buys a new coffin for his ‘future’ burial, says the two he bought earlier are now old-fashioned.

87-year-old Busia man has bought a new coffin for his burial ceremony.

The man identified as Aloise Otieno Ng’ombe according to sources is said to have purchased a coffin in 2009 but did not die then.

In 2012,he bought another and since he is still not dead, he has bout another new model in preparation for his future burial.

The man bought the coffin worth Ksh 58,000 stating that the two previous models were outdated.

The father of 18 said that the new coffin is stored at his shop in Obekai area, Busia County and will serve as his future coffin.

“I want this to be a lesson to my community at large. You may lack basic needs when you are alive. But when you die, people will slaughter bulls, and buy you nice clothes and shoes yet you will be long gone. That is why I decided to plan for a send-off befitting my status in society.”

Notably, popular Kenyan musician, Japesa also purchased a coffin in anticipation of his funeral, a move that took a number of his fans by surprise.

The musician shared the photos of himself posing with the coffin sharing the on Instagram and captioned it saying that he did not want his fans to struggle with funeral expenses.