“Senye yako ni Mzee SANA, Ungepatia huyu Mzungu Rue Baby”: Andrew Kibe tells Akothee

Kenyan Youtuber and media personality Andrew Kibe recently called out Akothee, a famous singer, for frequently dating white men instead of connecting her daughters with them and becoming a mother-in-law. Kibe believes that Akothee is selfish and should share her wealth with her children instead of being greedy. He went on to criticize Akothee for putting pressure on her children by always winning and questioned what she was doing to achieve her success.

Akothee introduced Omosh as her new lover last year, and the two have been inseparable since then. In a surprising revelation, Akothee disclosed that Omosh had asked her to give birth to three children for him. Kibe accused her of being greedy and pressuring her children, leaving fans waiting for her response.

Although Akothee has yet to respond to Kibe’s accusations, her fans have taken to social media to express their thoughts. Many are eagerly waiting for Akothee’s response, while others find Kibe’s comments inappropriate.

In the past, Akothee had mentioned in an interview that her husband wanted three more children, which would make her a mother of eight. She added that her immediate plan was to give birth every year for the next three years, which would allow her to get back to working out as she raises her children.

Unfortunately, Akothee recently suffered a miscarriage after experiencing pregnancy-related problems. She shared the news on social media, stating that she lost her unborn child on December 17, 2022, at 1:00 am.

Last year, Akothee warned all bloggers that they would face a penalty of at least 300 million if they posted anything malicious about her or anything that could tarnish her brand. She expressed her dissatisfaction with blogs, stating that they did not care about the content they posted and were only interested in getting clicks and likes.