Samidoh Rudely Shuts Radio Presenter Who Asked Him To Make Peace With Edday

Popular Mugithi Singer Samuel Muchoki, known by his stage name Samidoh, recently found himself in a heated exchange with radio presenter Jeff Mwangi. The incident occurred after Samidoh shared a video on social media in which a man was singing a Kalenjin song, with Samidoh adding a caption about enjoying music with good whiskey.

However, Mwangi criticized Samidoh’s happiness, pointing out that his family was currently separated from him. Mwangi advised Samidoh to prioritize reconciling with his estranged wife, Edday Nderitu, who is currently residing in the US. He asserted that Samidoh’s joy in music couldn’t be complete when his family was distant.

In response to Mwangi’s comment, Samidoh expressed frustration and asked the radio journalist to refrain from meddling in his personal affairs. He firmly told Mwangi to focus on his own concerns rather than involving himself in Samidoh’s private matters.

The turmoil between Samidoh and his estranged wife Edday is believed to have been sparked by Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu. In 2019, Samidoh gained significant attention when he impregnated Nyamu, and they have since welcomed two children together, a girl and a boy.

However, the relationship between Nyamu and Edday has been strained, given that Edday is Samidoh’s legal and first wife. The situation appears to be complex, with emotions running high between the parties involved.

In conclusion, Samidoh stood his ground against the radio presenter’s advice, choosing to keep his personal life separate from the public eye. The issues surrounding his relationships with both Nyamu and Edday continue to be a subject of interest and discussion among fans and followers.