Akothee to men: Marry women with ‘big Sufurias’ and not big cars

Kenyan songstress and entrepreneur Esther Akoth, widely recognized as Akothee, has shared valuable advice with Kenyan men, suggesting that they seek out women who are adept at preparing substantial meals. In her characteristically candid manner, the artist emphasized the importance of a woman’s culinary skills, encouraging men to prioritize those who possess a substantial sufuria, a large cooking pot.

In a statement posted on her official Facebook page, Akothee urged, “Marry a woman with a big sufuria, not one with a big car. Akothee Dhako marito wende kende, kendo budho wende kende,” using Dholuo, her native language, which translates to “I am Akothee, a woman who knows how to host visitors.” Accompanying her statement, she shared images of herself in the act of preparing a substantial quantity of porridge in a generously sized sufuria.

Akothee, alongside her fiancé affectionately known as ‘Omondi Denis,’ appears to be on a rural excursion. Photographs capture her serving her partner and other guests with porridge, utilizing traditional calabashes.

In addition, Akothee shed light on her cultural practices, remarking, “My culture is simple; we start the day with Uji (porridge), have fish and ugali for lunch, and enjoy Omena (small fish) and ugali throughout the year. Furthermore, one is permitted to marry as many wives as their financial means can support. Please, share your own cultural traditions,” she inquired.

The 39-year-old, who is a mother of three, has been openly sharing glimpses of her romantic relationship. Most recently, she posted photos of her boyfriend’s family members.

Akothee disclosed that her prospective in-laws are touring her hometown. She explained, “Simply the sweetest. Our in-laws visited Sony Sugar to gain a deeper understanding of why Akothee is so sweet. I hail from Migori County, where we produce our own sugar from locally grown sugarcane. Contrary to what you might see on CNN, we are not facing hardships. Kenya is abundant with natural riches.”

In her recent social media updates, Akothee and her guests are seen participating in traditional activities, such as slaughtering a pig and preparing mutura, a traditional Kenyan sausage.