Embarrassing moment as South Sudan’s President SALVA KIIR urinates on himself on live TV while commissioning a road (VIDEO).

As South Sudan’s President, Salva Kiir is no stranger to public appearances and speaking engagements. However, during a recent live television event, President Kiir experienced an embarrassing moment that quickly became the talk of the nation.

As he stood on stage to commission a new road, President Kiir suddenly lost control of his bladder and wet himself on live television. The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral, with many people sharing the video on social media and making jokes at the President’s expense.

The incident caused great embarrassment and shame for President Kiir and his administration. Many people questioned his ability to lead the country and handle important tasks, and there were calls for him to resign or seek medical help.

President Kiir issued a public apology for the incident and assured the people of South Sudan that it was a one-time occurrence and not indicative of his overall health or abilities as a leader. He also stated that he would seek medical attention and address any underlying issues that may have contributed to the incident.

Despite the apology, the incident continued to be a source of embarrassment for President Kiir and his administration. It also highlighted the need for better public speaking training and preparation for important events, as well as the need for better health care and support for leaders in positions of power.

Overall, the embarrassing moment of President Kiir urinating on himself on live television was a lesson in humility and the importance of taking care of one’s health and well-being. It also served as a reminder of the consequences of not being prepared and the need for transparency and accountability in leadership.