Who Owns Muthokinju: The Brains Behind The Popular Brand and Why is it So Successful?

Muthokinju Paints and Cement Hardware stands among the rest as a signature hardware by Barnabas Njuguna and Susan Muthoni Kimani.

The name Muthokinju was essentially born from the names of the organizers.

Muthoni (MUTHO) Kimani (KI) and Njuguna (NJU) – MUTHOKINJU

Their entrance into the construction business was significantly propelled by Susan as she had gathered some insight from running an eatery in Kenyatta Market.

Both Njuguna and Susan did not rather go into the café business since they thought that selling perishable products would be hard for them.

Hence, they picked to run a hardware business.

Throughout the long term, Muthokinju Paints has gone through enormous growth and at present has 14 stores and over 150 workers.

The founders have passed the business to Benjamin their child, who is the Managing director, and his wife, Sarafina Njatha who is the Operations Director.

Muthokinju’s development is likewise credited to innovation which has assisted the business with working on its cycles and administrations. Every one of their stores have an interior designer who offers advisory services to customers.

This allows the customers to understand how they can match colors appropriately.