84-Year-Old Paul Oyuka In Tears After Returning Home After 47 Year Only To Find His 2 Wives Re-Married Already.

Paul Oyuka left his two wives in the year 1974 to find greener pastures after years of living in abject poverty.

Now, the man has returned home, 47 years later only to find his home deserted with no life in the compound.

Paul returned home yesterday, September 22 expecting jubilation but he was in for a rude shock after his neighbors told him that his wives had already been married by other men after years of cold night.

Speaking to reporters, he said that he was shocked and couldn’t explain the feeling as he expected the wives and kids to welcome him with praise.

I’m still in pain, I went to search for a job 47 years ago and now returning home,there is no one to welcome me. Ata kama sijarudi na kitu, inaniuma sana,

he said.

Paul added that he failed to return home earlier because he had not secured a well paying job and had expected to return riding in a car loaded with cash.

He is now calling on his two wives to return home and allow him see his five grown up children.