Diana Marua Punishes Bahati For Refusing To Eat Her Nunu

It seems that Bahati has been enjoying sushi recently, whether he prefers “kithnis” or “ndeknis.” However, there was a recent incident where he refused to eat sushi, which infuriated Diana Marua.

Bahati and Diana first met while filming Bahati’s music video called “Mapenzi,” where they portrayed the roles of bride and groom.

About a month before the video shoot, Bahati noticed that someone had liked six of his photos during a late-night browsing session. Curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to investigate further. He visited her profile and liked some of her photos as well.

When asked if he reached out to Diana through direct messages, Bahati clarified, “I jokingly asked her if she liked to pray. I don’t usually initiate conversations in DMs,” in response to Adelle’s query.

Since then, the two have become inseparable partners, building a lovely family and working hard together to earn money, enough for Zakayo to benefit from.

In Diana Marua’s latest YouTube session titled “DIANA HAKUWAHI SHUTA TUKIDATE,” she reveals her anger towards Bahati for refusing to engage in a particular activity one night.

To punish him, Diana unleashed a powerful fart that could have flattened the world, according to her. From Bahati’s account, it seems that he can still smell it even now.

“I’m worried about my lungs. I can’t even cover my head while sleeping, although it’s my favorite position,” he says, laughing crazily and hysterically like a hyena.

Netizens are now urging the couple to behave like responsible parents and adults. They should refrain from oversharing their intimate details for the sake of clout and views.

In this age of content creation, views hold great importance. We can only anticipate more shocking revelations to come.