Humuka Host Mansaimo Mourns His Father’s Death

Mansaimo, a beloved radio personality at Kameme FM, is renowned for hosting the hit show “Humuka” alongside his co-host James Wang’ombe, also known as Katta. When it comes to tickling people’s funny bones, Mansaimo excels in his drive-time show. He possesses a unique knack for addressing societal issues in a humorous manner that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Over the years, Simon Mburu and his co-host have managed to amass a dedicated following of listeners. Intriguingly, they leverage this loyal audience to showcase local music, playing a majority of these tracks during their broadcasts. However, a few hours ago, Katta found himself on air alone, leaving their fans curious about Mansaimo’s absence. Katta addressed these concerns by offering his condolences to Mansaimo’s family, revealing the sad news that they had lost their father, Edward Mburu Murira, who had passed away yesterday morning.

Katta expressed the profound difficulty of this moment and assured everyone that they would stand by their colleague during this trying time. He shared that preparations for the burial were underway, inviting those who wished to offer their support to join them at the Seventeen Launch Hotel in Ruiru from 6 pm in the evening. Katta made it clear that Mansaimo would be taking approximately two weeks off to grieve and find solace.

Kenyans from all corners of the country came together to extend their heartfelt condolences to the grieving family, wishing them strength and peace during this challenging period. Kameme FM, in a gesture of solidarity, updated their official pages, expressing their condolences and stating that the entire radio station mourns alongside Mansaimo and his family over the loss of their beloved father, Edward Mburu Murira. They fervently prayed for his father to rest in eternal peace and for God’s comfort to be with the family during this challenging time.