Zari’s Ex-boyfriend GK Choppa’s Message to Shakib, ” Make Money Avoid Being a Fala”

GK Choppa, the former boyfriend of Zari Hassan, recently reached out to Shakib Lutaaya following Zari’s derogatory comments about him. Zari had labeled him as ‘Fala’ in a social media post. GK Choppa took to social media to advise men to ensure they have their own financial stability and work hard to provide for themselves, in order to avoid being ridiculed by women.

In his message, GK Choppa encouraged individuals aspiring to be like him to focus on earning money, steering clear of situations where they might be labeled as ‘Fala.’ He emphasized the importance of enjoying life to the fullest and living by one’s own rules.

This incident occurred shortly after Zari expressed her frustration with her husband, Shakib, referring to him as a dull person who consistently relies on her for guidance and support. Zari mentioned that Shakib lacks intelligence and heavily depends on her whenever they need to handle tasks like visa applications or other travel-related documents. It seems that Shakib struggles to assert himself and lacks confidence.

In her defense, Zari claimed that the leaked audio was recorded by her and sent to a UK-based promoter named Lady Naa after a friend failed to attend her event. Zari confirmed her role in sharing the audio, explaining that it was meant to provide instructions to Shakib, who often appears nervous during international trips.

Zari and GK Choppa ended their relationship last year, merely three months after publicly announcing their union on social media.