Woman who worked in the United Kingdom for 30 years returns home broke

For many, the conventional wisdom suggests that leaving one’s homeland for opportunities abroad guarantees success. Yet, the story of Auntie Jacky challenges this narrative. Despite migrating from Uganda to the UK in pursuit of a better life, her journey ended with financial hardship upon her return.

Auntie Jacky ventured to the UK after finishing high school in Uganda, aiming to further her education. Beginning with a diploma, she progressed to earn a degree while also experiencing the joys of motherhood for the first time during her university years.

Following her education, Jacky secured employment and spent three decades shaping her life in the UK. However, unforeseen circumstances led to her abrupt departure from her job, leaving her with few alternatives. Consequently, she faced the tough choice of returning to her homeland.

Back in Uganda, Jacky sought support from acquaintances to complete her unfinished house.