Women of this age aren’t looking for love, ni pesa tu ndio wanataka – Rev Lucy Natasha

Pastor Lucy Natasha has shared invaluable insights for individuals navigating the realm of partnership in search of a lifelong commitment.

In a candid discussion on Obinna’s YouTube channel, Lucy Natasha underscored that women who prioritize financial assistance over genuine connection are not seeking the foundation of marriage.

“Any man in pursuit of a life partner should steer clear of women whose affection is rooted in monetary gains rather than genuine love. Today, many women are not pursuing love; rather, they are seeking financial aid, a concerning trend,” Natasha remarked, delving into her guidance.

“These women aren’t drawn to you out of love but out of a desire for material benefits. They enter relationships with the intention of financial gain,” she elaborated, highlighting the prevalent issue.

Nonetheless, the pastor acknowledged the significance of monetary support within relationships but cautioned against leveraging it as a primary motive, emphasizing reciprocity.

“While providing financial assistance to your partner isn’t inherently wrong, my concern lies with those who exploit money as a means to solely receive without giving in return,” Natasha articulated, pinpointing a critical imbalance.

In advocating for a holistic approach to partnership, Natasha urged women to bring more than just personal credentials to the union, encouraging them to foster entrepreneurial endeavors and financial independence.

“When entering marriage, a woman’s contribution should extend beyond her personal identity to include tangible assets such as property deeds, business ventures, or company ownership. We ought to cultivate a generation of women who are not only skilled in personal grooming but also adept at strategic planning,” she asserted, promoting a paradigm shift.

Addressing the criteria for potential partners, Natasha stressed the importance of shared faith as a cornerstone of compatibility.

“Regardless of external attributes such as physical appearance, a man who lacks spiritual alignment is not a suitable life partner. Prioritize a man whose faith resonates with yours, someone who serves as a steadfast pillar of spiritual support,” Natasha advised, emphasizing the essence of spiritual compatibility in nurturing a lasting relationship.