“Nilikuwa Mwalimu Wa Rais”,Teacher Who Taught President Uhuru Kenyatta Kiswahili Pleads for Help After Going Broke

Kepha Ng’ang’a, a resident of Makongeni Estate in the Thika town constituency, has spent more than two decades residing in a rented double-roomed house. Despite being a qualified teacher, Ng’ang’a faced a career setback in 2002 when he joined the campaign team of the then-presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, leading to his departure from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC)….CONTINUE READING

Ng’ang’a played a crucial role in Kenyatta’s campaign by imparting effective Swahili speaking skills to the aspiring president. This task was no small feat, considering Kenyatta’s limited proficiency in Swahili and his demanding schedule. Reflecting on the experience, Ng’ang’a noted Kenyatta’s fluency in English and Kikuyu but acknowledged his initial struggle with Swahili. However, Kenyatta proved to be a keen and quick learner, mastering Ng’ang’a’s teachings and confidently addressing the masses in Swahili.

Despite his significant contribution to Kenyan politics, Ng’ang’a’s life has not witnessed the anticipated improvements. He remains in modest living conditions, grappling with financial challenges to provide for his two children. Joseph Mbau, a friend of Ng’ang’a, highlights the stark contrast between Ng’ang’a’s current situation and the impact he had on Kenyatta’s public speaking skills.

Mbau expresses optimism for a meaningful reunion between Ng’ang’a and Kenyatta, believing it could be a transformative moment for Ng’ang’a. Ng’ang’a himself nurtures a desire to reconnect with Kenyatta and share the Swahili files he still possesses, serving as a testament to their shared journey.

Despite the adversities he faces, Ng’ang’a remains hopeful for a brighter future and the opportunity to reunite with the former president, emphasizing the potential for positive change in his life.