Ni kubaya! Real Estate Firm Lesedi Developers Terminates DJ Fatxo's Brand Ambassador Contract -

Ni kubaya! Real Estate Firm Lesedi Developers Terminates DJ Fatxo’s Brand Ambassador Contract

Lesedi Developers, a prominent real estate firm, has terminated its contract with DJ Fatxo as their brand ambassador after investigations into the death of Jeff Mwathi, a 23-year-old individual. The company has stated that it has strong values and must dissociate itself from the singer in order to uphold these values and principles.

In a statement, Lesedi Group Limited expressed their concern about the allegations that have been brought against DJ Fatxo, saying that they take these accusations seriously and cannot condone any behavior that goes against their values and principles. As a result, the company has decided to dissociate itself from DJ Fatxo as its brand ambassador.

The company also expressed its condolences to the family of Jeff Mwathi, promising to stand together in the fight for justice. Lesedi Developers emphasized that it is important to promote positive values and encourage customers to be responsible for their actions. As parents themselves, they believe it is their responsibility to teach their children to always do the right thing and contribute to a better society.

Overall, Lesedi Developers’ decision to terminate their contract with DJ Fatxo is a reflection of their commitment to upholding their values and principles, promoting positive values, and contributing to a better society.