Kitale Single Mother Who Invested All Her Resources Educating Her Son, Cries for Help After Son Scored A in KCSE, Earned First-Class Honors at JKUAT but Still Languishing in Poverty

Introducing Bonface Barasa, an accomplished graduate with First Class Honors from JKUAT, brimming with promise and potential.

Despite his outstanding academic record, Bonface finds himself grappling with the harsh realities of unemployment. Raised in challenging circumstances by his widowed mother, who invested all her resources in his education, Bonface carried the weight of familial expectations, with his success seen as a beacon of hope for his siblings’ future education.

With an impressive A- in KCSE, Bonface earned a coveted spot at JKUAT University. Graduating in 2018, he embarked on a relentless quest for employment, knocking on countless doors in pursuit of opportunities. However, the unforgiving landscape of joblessness eventually led him back to his hometown in Kitale, where he now endeavors to make a living by producing and selling bricks, albeit with limited success.

In a moment of solidarity, Kenyan comedian Erick Omondi, through his ‘SISI KWA SISI’ initiative aimed at uplifting one another, pledged to intervene and assist Bonface in overcoming his challenges. Omondi, expressing empathy for Bonface’s plight, shared his intentions on social media, rallying support from his followers. He outlined Bonface’s aspirations to establish a business in Kitale, supplying essential produce like maize, nduma, cabbage, and sweet potatoes to Nairobi. Omondi asserted that with a capital requirement of Ksh 500k, the ‘SISI KWA SISI’ community could swiftly mobilize the necessary funds, offering a glimmer of hope to Bonface and his family.

Moreover, Omondi appealed to his network to identify any job opportunities suitable for someone of Bonface’s caliber – a Bachelor of Commerce graduate in Finance with First Class Honors. He recognized the invaluable support that such opportunities could provide in reshaping Bonface’s future.

In the face of adversity, Bonface’s story stands as a testament to resilience, with community solidarity offering a ray of hope amidst the challenges of unemployment.