Man With PhD, Four Master’s Degrees Hawks Vegetables To Make Ends Meet 

Instances of graduates struggling for years without securing meaningful employment are widespread in Kenya. This predicament seems to resonate globally, illustrated by individuals like Dr. Sandeep Singh, who boasts a PhD and four Master’s degrees.

At the age of 39, Dr. Sandeep Singh now earns a livelihood by selling vegetables, as reported by Previously, he served as a contractual professor at Punjabi University in Patiala for 11 years. Despite his impressive academic background, including a PhD in law and Master’s degrees in Punjabi, journalism, and political science, he finds himself still pursuing further studies.

The decision to leave his position at the university stemmed from persistent issues of delayed salary payments and frequent pay cuts. Faced with financial challenges, Dr. Sandeep Singh made the unconventional choice to enter the world of vegetable vending to provide for his family.

Explaining his decision, he stated, “I had to leave the job because I didn’t receive my salary on time, and there were frequent pay cuts. It had become challenging for me to meet ends with that job. That’s why I switched to selling vegetables for the survival of me and my family.”

In a display of resilience, he has named his vegetable cart “PhD Sabzi Wala” and travels from home to home to sell his produce. Surprisingly, Dr. Sandeep Singh reports earning more from this entrepreneurial venture than he did as a professor. Despite his daily grind as a vegetable vendor, he diligently dedicates time to studying for his ongoing academic pursuits.

Looking ahead, Dr. Sandeep Singh harbors aspirations of establishing his own tuition center one day. His story stands as a testament to the challenges faced by highly educated individuals in the job market and the innovative ways they navigate and overcome these obstacles.