Wanateseka:-Kibra Comedian Asks Parents To Spend Time With Their Campus Children.

Kibra Comedian has come out to caution parents to talk to their children in campus who according to him are going through a rough patch.

Lately, students have been sharing Memes in a bid to express their frustrations.

Notably, a Meme depicting a guy in a hood covering his face has been going round on Social Media with sad captions of the hard life in campus.

He said that parents have neglected their kids who are suffering in silence and if something is not done, the children will sink into the ocean of depression.

“To anyone reading this, your friends, relative’s, son’s and daughters are suffering in silence. Make an effort of calling them, give hope and make them smile.”

“Others have fainted in lecture halls , others cannot attend to their lectures due to emaciation. I want to appeal to all the students leaders who are in charge of welfare to take note of the situation,” he concluded.