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Tiktoker Baba T Reveals Why His TikTok Account Was Banned Hours After Hitting One Million Followers

Faustine Lipuku Lukale, famously known as Baba Talisha within the TikTok community, has encountered a setback with the loss of his TikTok account. This setback comes on the heels of his joyous celebration of reaching one million followers on the platform.

Baba Talisha took to his Instagram page to confirm the unfortunate news, sharing a screenshot displaying his one million follower count before the account was banned. With resilience, he captioned the post with a simple yet poignant message: “Life goes on.”

In a recent interview, he revealed that certain individuals, possibly envious of his milestone achievement, reported his account for violating TikTok’s guidelines. Despite the setback, he expressed his determination to appeal the decision.

Explaining the situation further, he disclosed that the ban occurred suddenly, with initially seven violations reported, five of which have been resolved. However, two violations related to comments remained, impeding his efforts to reinstate the account. Although TikTok initiated the verification process, he unfortunately couldn’t complete it in time. Despite his appeals, the decision to ban his account appears final.

Before the loss of his account, Baba Talisha had enjoyed significant success on the platform, celebrating the milestone of reaching one million followers after months of dedicated content creation. His videos had amassed over 42 million likes, showcasing his considerable influence.

Baba Talisha frequently engaged with his audience through live streams, attracting a sizable following. His popularity soared, particularly during the period when his friend and fellow TikToker, Brian Chira, lived with him. Together, they entertained audiences and received generous gifts from fans.

Tragically, Chira passed away, prompting Baba Talisha to appeal for contributions towards his friend’s funeral expenses. The response was overwhelming, with donations exceeding Ksh. 8 million, facilitated by Baba Talisha, to ensure Chira received a dignified farewell.

His compassionate actions garnered widespread praise from online users, earning him recognition and fully-paid vacations from various organizations as a token of appreciation for his kindness and support during a difficult time.