Mulamwah’s Ex-Girlfriend: My Wedding is Tomorrow

Actress Carrol Sonie, the former girlfriend of comedian Mulamwah, has disclosed that her wedding is set to take place on Saturday, January 6. Sonie, who has been in the public eye due to disputes with her ex-partner and the anticipation of a child with her current partner, Ruth K, shared this news on her Instagram Story.

Expressing gratitude to God for guiding her love life, Sonie revealed the wedding date with emojis symbolizing love, rings, and a bride. She conveyed, “It’s on January 6th. God has been good to me. Have you been invited?”

This announcement follows Mulamwah and Ruth K’s recent celebration of what was termed as their traditional wedding at their home a few weeks ago. The couple radiated joy, dancing and expressing happiness during the event while adorned in matching African print outfits. They subsequently announced the impending arrival of their first child and recently unveiled a gender reveal video.

In contrast, Sonie has been vocal about Mulamwah’s lack of support in raising their child, emphasizing the challenges of nurturing a child who bears a resemblance to a father who has rejected them.

“I don’t know if it hurts or what, but my fans, especially mothers, think about raising your child who has been rejected, and his face resembles his father. What do you do in such a situation? You encourage yourself and move forward, no matter what,” Sonie shared in a video posted on her YouTube channel a month ago.