Kangemi man kills wife for ridiculing him after night of sex marathon.

A man has been charged with manslaughter by a Nairobi court after her allegedly killed his wife.

Stephen Nyangeri Mauti is accused of killing his wife, Faith Nyayichi on October 3,2021 at Kangemi dumpsite around Kangemi Sub-county, Nairobi.

According to reports produced in court, the wife visited the man in Kangemi from Nyeri where they had been a couple since August 2021.

“On further inquires, the accused was informed that his wife has no relatives in Kiserian and that she had not travelled to the rural area” the report read in part.

The man claimed that he questioned his wife’s brother who told him that they do not have a cousin in Kiserian.

Few days later after her arrival, two went for a leisure walk in Kangemi market and returned home. The two then later had a steamy sex and slept.

On the 3rd of October, they woke up and the man confronted his wife about him knowing that she was living with another man.

It is here that the lady started shouting at him that he is not man enough and he got angry.

He blocked her mouth to keep her calm and when she cooled down, he realized that she was not moving prompting him to call his neighbors who rushed the lady to hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.