Comedian Mulamwah Reveals Why you Women are All Over Him after buying A Mercedes car

Mulamwah, a prominent content creator, has recently voiced his frustration regarding the persistent pressure he faces from women desiring to have children with him. This frustration stems from what he perceives as an attempt to trap him into fathering children merely due to the admiration he receives for his beautiful daughter from a previous relationship with Carol Sonnie.

In an interview with the media, Mulamwah expressed discomfort with the overwhelming attention he receives from women, who seemingly pursue him relentlessly without any interest in establishing a meaningful relationship. He lamented, “Waliona mtoi wangu ni mcute sasa wengi wanataka mtoi lakini hawataki relationship” (They saw my child is cute, now many want a child but don’t want a relationship), highlighting the superficiality of these advances.

The comedian, hailing from Kitale, disclosed that his inbox is inundated with messages from women seeking to bear his children, disregarding any notion of commitment. While acknowledging his physical appeal, Mulamwah attributed his attractiveness to inner contentment rather than mere skincare routines, crediting his parents for his inherited good looks.

Reflecting on his journey as a father, Mulamwah shared his joy in parenthood and emphasized his ongoing learning process to become a better father to his daughter. Parenthood, he noted, has heightened his sense of responsibility and foresight, compelling him to approach life with increased caution and preparedness.

Despite his experiences, Mulamwah expressed a belief that being single allows for a deeper appreciation of life. He conveyed a reluctance to pursue romantic relationships at his current stage in life, asserting that he is too young to engage in serious commitments. Nonetheless, he expressed happiness for those who find love and companionship.

Mulamwah recently ended his relationship with Carol Sonnie, amid speculations linking him romantically to his close friend, Ruth K. While Carol Sonnie publicly stated that Mulamwah initiated the breakup, Mulamwah maintains that his personal life should be respected as private, urging others to refrain from unwarranted scrutiny.

Speculations regarding a potential romantic involvement with Ruth K, labeled as his “bestie,” have circulated online, adding fuel to the rumor mill surrounding Mulamwah’s personal life.