Wife to senior police officer in Nairobi shoots Daughter and herself

In Nairobi, the spouse of a high-ranking police official is presently recovering from a gunshot wound, purportedly self-inflicted, along with her daughter, following an alleged attempted suicide.

As per the official police statement, the woman made the attempt subsequent to a domestic altercation with her husband on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

Law enforcement officials elaborated that following a heated exchange, the woman retreated to the bedroom where she retrieved her husband’s firearm.

During the incident, she was in possession of a Jericho pistol, equipped with an additional magazine containing 30 bullets.

In her endeavor to take her own life, the woman aimed the firearm at her chest, only to be intercepted by her daughter who intervened, resulting in the teenager sustaining injuries from the gunshot.

Simultaneously, a stray bullet struck the mother in the chest, exiting through her back.

Prompted by the intervention of concerned residents, both mother and daughter were expeditiously transported to a medical facility for urgent treatment.

Subsequently, law enforcement authorities have initiated an inquiry into the matter, confiscating the firearm utilized during the episode.