David Seronei :Man who killed Kenya’s most wanted criminals Wanugu & Wacucu

There’s a famous man who k!lled Kenya’s most notorious criminals ever: Wacucu, Wanugu na Rasta, his name is David Seronei.

David was later shot 56 times by his jealous colleagues in 1999. They hated that he had cut the hands that fed them, (they were getting paid by Rasta to keep him informed).

However, of the 56 bullets, only about four got to him. He still has the jacket he was rocking on that fateful day.

One bullet is still stuck in his chest and has been there for 22 years now. He was unable to raise Sh2 million to remove the bullet after the Police Force refused to cover the costs. I’m not sure how much it is now.

In 2001, he was abruptly dismissed from the police force he had served for 17 years with no explanation issued.

He is about 60 years old now. A sad and broken man, I presume. He lives in abject poverty. A man who risked his own life to save his country from dangerous criminals.

His story has been covered by several journalists including Moha Jichopevu