Hilarious!! New York City looking for rat killing expert, pay at ksh18million per month

New York City is seeking an exceptional exterminator to aid in the eradication of its massive rat population, which is estimated to be nearly 18 million strong. A job advertisement for a rodent exterminator reveals that the city is in need of someone with a bachelor’s degree and an “aura of badassery,” among other qualities. The ideal candidate should have a “virulent vehemence for vermin” and possess the drive, determination, and killer instinct required to combat the city’s relentless rat population.

The ad goes on to describe New York City’s rats as cunning, voracious, and prolific creatures with legendary survival skills, but it makes it clear that the city’s residents are in charge. Mayor Eric Adams has vowed to tackle the rodent problem, stating at a recent bill signing, “I’ve made it clear I hate rats, and we’re gonna kill some rats. We’re putting a dent in our rodent problem.”

In addition to the job posting, the city’s Sanitation Department is selling t-shirts with the slogan “The rats don’t run this city. We do.” The proceeds from the t-shirt sales will be used to raise funds. If you’re interested in the job, you can apply through this link.