Mapenzi ni scam aki!! Jackie Matubia says Blessing Lung’aho has been ignoring her

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has recently disclosed the strained relationship with her ex-partner, Blessing Lung’aho, following their breakup. In an interview with Trudy Kitui on March 31, 2024, Matubia revealed that she has chosen to limit communication with Lung’aho, with whom she shares a child. She humorously remarked, “I only talk to my first baby daddy. Yeah. You know when you talk to a wall, it responds, right? I rest my case.”

Emphasizing her commitment to her two daughters, Matubia expressed her current focus on single parenthood, stating she has no intentions of dating or remarrying. She acknowledged the challenges of relationships and marriage, asserting her pride as a single mother raising her children.

Speculation arose regarding Matubia’s relationship with Maurice Kivs, fueled by a video she shared on Instagram in December 2023. The video depicted Matubia and Kivs appearing affectionate, dancing romantically to Nyashinski’s love song ‘Perfect Design.’ In her captions, Matubia commended Kivs’ public display of affection (PDA) and solicited wedding venue suggestions from her followers.

In addition to her personal affairs, Matubia extended words of encouragement to fellow single mothers, advocating for the rejection of societal stigmas. She stressed the importance of embracing single motherhood while challenging stereotypes, reaffirming that one’s worth is not defined by relationship status.