Mammito says She Has A Crush On Stivo Simple Boy – ‘Napenda Smile Yake’

Comedian and entertainer Mammito Eunice recently made fans laugh when she revealed her all-time crush in an interview with Kaka Jtv. She stated that she has a long-standing crush on Simple Boy and adores his smile, even when he was dating Pritty Vishy. Despite her profession as a comedian, Mammito insisted that this was not a joke and that she had nothing to hide.

Mammito has been linked to her fellow comedian, Eddie Butita in the past, but she clarified that they had broken up a year ago and that she had moved on. She also promised to share information about her new man with the world, but said that she was not afraid of dating a celebrity as it did not affect her relationship with Butita.

Eunice has established herself as one of the best comedians in the country and recently celebrated nearly 10 years in the comedy industry. She shared photos from 10 years ago and the difference was obvious, as fans joked that she lost weight after a heartbreak.

The entertainer has been open about her relationship status and has revealed that her new man is a low-key individual who does not like the attention that comes with the media. She also mentioned that they had recently been in Maasai Mara together to celebrate her 29th birthday.

In regards to her past relationship with Butita, the two had been very private about their engagement and minimal information was shared with the public. They both had shows and did not attend each other’s events. Butita defended his absence at Mammito’s show and stated that it was not intentional, but due to the many events happening at the time. He also praised Mammito for her marketing of the show and stated that he was proud of her.

Overall, it is important for individuals to move on and avoid relapses by staying away from exes.