Drama as Gate Man Is Caught Stealing House Hold Items From The Apartments He Worked As A Watchman

Residents of a certain plot in Kiambu had been leaving in fear since in the last two months a thief had been breaking into their houses and stealing valuable items from them. They had tried everything including reporting the matter to the police and even beefed up security in the apartments but regardless of what they had done, things were not changing in their apartments. Depressed Black Woman Images – Browse 91,487 Stock Photos, Vectors, and  Video | Adobe Stock

Many TV sets, woofers, fridges and many more household items were disappearing during the day when they were at work. Whenever the gateman would be questioned, he would say he did not see anyone ferrying things through the gate and the puzzle would get even more confusing.

However, in a fresh twist of events, one woman who lived in second floor went home in the evening only to find an intruder in her house. To her shock, the intruder was the gateman who got stuck on the floor and his hands on her fridge which he wanted to steal after he broke into the woman’s house.

She was flabbergasted and called her neighbours to go see the perennial thief who had been stealing from them. The gateman was in great pain as his feet had been stuck on the floor for over three hours. When the neighbours came, they were shocked that the gateman they had trusted had turned out to be the thief who had made their lives miserable.

However, they did not understand how the woman had managed to make him stuck to her items. She told them that she had sought the services of Doctor Mugwenu to secure her items after realizing the rising cases of theft in the plot. She said Doctor Mugwenu cast a spell that would make sure the thief would not leave her house with her fridge.

The neighbours were so impressed and they thanked her because they had finally caught the thief pants down. She called Daktari who reversed the spell and after the gateman got unstuck from the woman’s floor. The angry neighbours gave him a beating and called the police to arrest him.

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