Woman claims she sleeps with ‘jini’, planning to have ‘ghost baby’

A woman named Amethyst Realm, who claims to have had sexual relationships with ghosts, has announced she is now in a serious relationship with one.

The ghost, which she cannot see but believes she can communicate and have sexual intercourse with, has returned with her to the UK. Amethyst stated in an interview with New Idea,

“It’s pretty serious. In fact, we’ve even been thinking about having a ghost baby.”

She believes that phantom pregnancies are actually ghost babies and that the human body and mind are unable to process them. Last year, Amethyst appeared on This Morning to talk about her sexual encounters with ghosts, leaving viewers stunned.

However, she firmly believes that she can have a baby by having sex with a ghost and has done research into phantom pregnancies. Her relationship with her former fiancé ended after he caught her in bed with a ghost. When asked if sex with a ghost ends in orgasm, she replied, “For me, yes.”